The big 4th of July Weekend has arrived, and it's as Americans as, well, hot dogs, and we'll be consuming our share of those, and maybe someone else's too. But we found some hot dogs you've most likely never tried.

Just in time for the big holiday weekend, we wanted to give you some great options for your Jersey Shore barbecue. We dug deep to find some toppings for that hot dog that probably never even crossed your mind.

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We found some head turners at Bustle. Let's see what you think of these...

Mac & Cheese...Is there anything more American than mac & cheese.And there's nothing more American than hot dogs...but together? Well, yea. That actually sounds amazing. And easy.

Caramel Popcorn. It doesn't seem to go, but didn't you automatically imagine the taste. I bet it is delicious, even if it's not exactly traditional.

Ramen Noodles. It seems to me that the Ramen Noodle is for times when there's nothing else in the house, but do we ever really crave it. And yet this doesn't sound half bad, right. maybe you should give it a try this weekend.

We also came across some other really unique hot dog topping ideas at Brit & Co...

Pineapple, Bacon & Teryaki...We've done it to pizza, so there should be no reason we can make it happen on our next hot dog.

Caesar Salad..I can only speak for myself, but I think I have to put my foot down on this one. I like salad, and I like a good hot dog, but my choice is to keep them separate. Maybe the same plate, but not the same bite.

Blue cheese, hot sauce and mozz...This is the one I want to try this weekend. That just sounds amazing. Give it a try!

Those are just a few suggestions for the dogs this weekend. Have fun choosing and happy 4th!

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