So a couple of months ago we reported that an area in Toms River at the corner of Indian Head Road and Route 166 was being cleared for future construction, but we had no idea what the plan was. Lots of listeners commented on what they would "like" at this location, but nothing in stone.

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Here we are almost into March and I took a trip over to the location again after a listener asked once again what this project might be. When I arrived I was surprised to see this building going up this fast, seems like we were there not that long ago and it was just being cleared. As you can see they are making progress.

Shawn Michaels


Shawn Michaels


Once again I think that it's time to ask you our knowledgeable 92.7 WOBM listeners if you have any new information on this location, as work continues. I tried doing some digging but was not able to come up with an answer. What will this location be, once completed?

Obviously, it's too earlier to tell from looking at it.....what this building might be. If YOU have heard any rumors please share them, eventually, we will figure out what this project will become, and hopefully, residents will love it.

In Conclusion: The one big negative is the difficulty to get in and out of this plaza area. If it were easier to enter and exit I think more traffic would stop and businesses probably would do better unless I am missing the enter - exit?


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