The Jersey Shore is getting ready to deal with a little accumulating snow tonight (Thursday) into tomorrow morning.

Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says we have a shot at 1 to 3 inches of accumulation by the time it's over. The timeline goes like this...the snow, expected to be light to moderate, starts tonight and will taper off by early tomorrow morning.

As of early this morning, no advisories were issued related to this snow, but there is still certainly a chance at visibility issues and slippery, snowy or icy roads for the Friday morning commute.

For some Jersey Shore winter loving residents, this is a long time coming, but for summer lovers like me, it's just another reminder of how far away Memorial Day weekend is. (20 weeks, if I'm not mistaken, but who's counting)?

Dan is also keeping his eyes on Saturday where another chance of snow is possible, but says that potential event still involves lots of question marks. Stay up to date with the latest weather with Dan's weather blog, and remember to download the Point app to get Point Stormwatch info 24/7.



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