We start a Jersey Shore weekend with a tropical storm making it's way though the area today, bringing heavy rain and strong wind gusts.

We reached out to our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow to get the latest update on what we can expect here at the Jersey Shore throughout the day today, and here's what you should know...

Warnings and Watches. A Tropical Storm Warning is in effect for Monmouth & Ocean Counties, There is also a Flash Flood Watch in effect today.

The Wind. Wind gusts could be anywhere from 30 to 50 mph during the storm, with the higher end of that wind spectrum expected along the coast.

Rip Currents. There is a high risk of rip currents today.

Rain. We will likely see 2 to 3 inches of rain associated with this tropical storm, and there is a possibility that some areas will see up to 4 inches of rain.

Timing. Conditions will improve by late afternoon or early evening, and this storm will not impact the rest of our weekend weather.

The biggest concern in this storm seems to really center around all that rain that we could get in a pretty short amount of time, so flash flooding is a real concern. Dan says there is a risk of only minor coastal flooding.

We haven't dealt with enough lately, right? So why not have a tropical storm thrown at us, along with everything else? There is no doubt, of course, that things could be worse, and we've all seen worse.

So, let's be careful today, and then things get better for the rest of the weekend, as long as you can deal with some humidity, But, if you couldn't you probably wouldn't live here.

Get details on the latest weather including his weekend forecast with Dan Zarrow's weather blog.

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