A wintry mix may be in our future here at the Jersey Shore according to our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's latest update.

There's no denying it now. It's that time of year, and although the weather for tomorrow at the Jersey Shore isn't a winter wonderland by any means, there is a good chance that it will at least reach the level of wintry mix.

And there could even be an inch of slushy snow in some spots. Here are the details you need to know.

There is a wintry mix that is likely away from the coast, where we should see snow and sleet changing to freezing rain, and then all rain. It will be all rain at the coast.However, the further west and north you go in our area, the better chance of seeing that slushy snow accumulation of no more than an inch and maybe even some light icing.

There will also be a 1 to 2 foot storm surge that could cause minor to moderate coastal flooding. Dan says the worst of it will be from midday to early evening.

So, Jersey Shore summer lovers need to face the fact that it is here. That time of year, right? This isn't unusual for this time of year, but it is a reminder that those beach and boardwalk days we love a re squarely in the rear view mirror.

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