This story is so adorable that it will for sure make you smile.

An older gentlemen was just enjoying some alone time at Used To Be's in Mantoloking on Saturday, June 27th.

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He was set up to eat outside -- obviously since indoor dining is not yet allowed -- when the weather took a turn and it started to rain heavily!

The staff did what everyone would expect: they offered to move his table so he could enjoy without getting drenched but he declined.

All this man wanted was to sit in peace -- rain or shine -- and enjoy the rest of his coconut shrimp. Dude, I can relate.

Well now Used To Be's is asking for the public's help.

Do you know who this man is? Can you get in touch with him?

Because the Mantoloking restaurant wants to treat him to a free dinner for being such a trooper with an overwhelmingly positive attitude.

See.....just being kind can make such a lasting impression on people! Especially now with everything going on.

So maybe we all should copy this mystery man's positive attitude...

If you know who it is, let him know that the Jersey Shore is looking for him!

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