Can you be bribed? I can. I learned that about myself when I was 6. I was afraid to get a shot and my mom said that she would take me for an ice cream if I was a big girl and let the doctor do it.  Suddenly, I was a trooper and to this day I still don't have polio.

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Now, CVS wants to bribe you and the prizes are bigger than an ice cream at Jersey Freeze.  We're talking Super Bowl tickets, vacations and straight up cash to encourage people in New Jersey to get vaccinated.

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To qualify for these prizes like a trip to the Super Bowl, or an international vacation you just have to get the COVID vaccine at a CVS pharmacy, or plan to schedule your appointment at a CVS before mid-July.

CVS is accepting walk-in COVID-19 vaccine appointments at all 324 locations in Jersey. At this point they are offering same-day scheduling and appointments within an hour from the time of scheduling.  You can also head to to schedule yours.

So far, 17 million COVID vaccines have been administered across the U.S. but we have a long way to go to even think about achieving heard immunity. For people who are on the fence, these incentives may help them make up their mind.  The sweepstakes, will include a seven-day cruise for two on the Norwegian CruiseLine, a trip to Bermuda or a two-night weekend getaway at a Wyndham hotel.  CVS also said they will give away $500 in cash to 125 winners, and $5,000 to five winners.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention conducted a survey that shows 17.6 percent of adults are hesitant about the vaccines and may need that little push to make their appointments.

Do you think we are too old for the parental bribery game?  Think again.  It's starting to work and we are not the only ones doing it.  In Ohio, the state is offering $1 million dollars to randomly selected residents who have received the vaccine.  For some reason, I'm craving ice cream right now.  Read more original reporting from The Patch here.


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