Love is in the air, it's Valentine's Day! I was reading some interesting facts about Valentine's Day this morning at that I wanted to share with you. Men spend about twice what women do on Valentine's Day gifts (as it should be in my opinion). The National Confectioner's Association says Valentine's candy is a billion dollar industry, with almost three quarters of that money being on chocolate (also as it should be in my opinion).

 And if you've ever wondered how long this whole Valentine's card thing has been going on, it all started in the 17th century, but back then it wasn't a bunch of confused guys trying to find an envelope to fit the card in a crowded aisle at the card store. In the 17th century all the cards were handmade (as it should be in my opinion). Mass produced cards first showed up in the 1840's.

So guys, there are some facts for you about Valentine's Day. Remember, today is our day to shine. Think about it this way. If our girls are willing to forget all those days we don't shine throughout the year as long as we shine today, that's a pretty good deal!

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