Saw it. Love it. Sold. Alright, Jersey.... we need these.

Before I get too excited, let me put this into context for you. I've previously written about library boxes that the folks in Mays Landing were putting up all over town. Their purpose is to promote reading by providing literature for anyone to obtain around town, even without a library card.

They look like this:


These things have been constructed all across Mays Landing. When you're done with one book, you're supposed to bring it back for someone else to read. You may also donate a book to any of the various library boxes around town. A great idea, right?

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Let's take that idea and apply it to the beach. Have you ever heard of a "beach library?" It's the same idea as the previously described library boxes, only these are for kids' toys. The idea is that you'd donate a toy to the "beach library" and families can take whatever toy(s) is available when they arrive for their children to play with. Of course, they're supposed to bring it back so that other families can enjoy the toys the next day.

Personally, I think it's a WONDERFUL idea!! Having to lug so many beach toys along with the rest of the stuff you need for a beach day is a lot of extra work. That would be eliminated, though, if more beaches set up these little things. How great would it be to only have to pack one or two beach toys and then supplement those with something borrowed from your nearest "beach library?"

I already know this idea would be 100% approved by moms all over places like Ventnor, Margate, and Ocean City.

If you know of any already in existence at any NJ beaches, let us know on the app!

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