Yelling at each other, sadly enough, seems to be the only way people feel they can get their point across these days.

One student was caught on camera scolding his teacher...and the video has gone viral.

According to the YouTube account that uploaded the video, a young man named Jeff was kicked out of his class by his teacher, Mrs. Phung. (What a great name, btw!)

On his way out, he scolds her for being an apathetic teacher, telling her, 'You gotta take this job serious[sic], this is the future of this nation...this is my country's future and my education.'

I'm so torn on this because growing up I was taught to respect adults, especially teachers. At the same time, if a teacher really is doing a crappy job, kudos to this kid for calling her out on it and demanding more from his school.

I'm pretty sure Mama C. would have kicked my behind if she ever saw me talk back to a teacher like this.

Part of me wonders if this kid Jeff is just one of those troublemaker types who always cause a scene in class, or if he really is just someone who genuinely wants to LEARN.

Either way, he certainly has a lot of passion, and I hope he channels that in a successful way in the future!

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