You can't teach flair like this!  I gotta think being from Jersey helps though.  Little five year old Capri was at her dance recital when she decided to amp up her routine with a little swag of her own.  She not only steals the show...she owns it!

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Capri loves to dance and her mom and grandma couldn't be prouder of her star power. Grandma filmed her performance not expecting Capri's extra attitude on stage. The crowd starting going wild. Grandma proudly put this on TikTok captioned, "My Grandbaby brought the fire!".

The TikTok vid had about 1 million views within the first hour two almost 2.5 million views! Isn't it crazy how you can get insta famous if you've got that fearless swag? I love watching Capri's confidence. I wouldn't be surprised if she gets a call to be in a music video next! Hey social media is how Justin Bieber got discovered! Also remember that super cool little girl from the Missy Elliott videos? Alyson Stoner was her name and she killed it!

With moves and swag like that, this Jersey girl is on her way. I don't know about you but I need more Capri to brighten my day!  By the way can we talk about that walk off stage she does when she's done with us? Perfection. Here's Capri showing us what's up:

@caprithedancer#designjunkietees #dancing #dancerecital #dancerecitalcostumes #grandbabies #littledancers #shesgottalent #ampedtodance♬ original sound - Caprithedancer

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