Last week we polled you on who you thought was the best actress who was born, lived or lives in New Jersey and our winner was Anne Hathaway. Now we want you to tell us who's the best actor the Garden State has produced.

There are many names that come to mind in this category as well. I have to admit, for me the first name that comes to mind is Jack Nicholson. I don't have to tell you about his amazing body of work.

But Jack is far from the only major celebrity actor with ties to New Jersey. There's Danny DeVito, Joe Pesci, Bruce Willis and James Gandolfini.

Let's not forget John Travolta and Michael Douglas. Each of these actors could win lifetime achievement award and some of them have. No one would argue a vote for any of them or any number of other great actors from the Garden State.

So please take a minute and vote for your favorite. Obviously, we couldn't list them all, so feel free to enter your favorite if you don't see him listed.