Lara Gottlieb makes a special coffee, brewed in Brick Township, and sent out to customers nationwide. Now she's got a great Christmas gift idea for you!

Lara is the founder of Smart Sips: delicious and unusual coffee pods. Check out her PERK BOX, which is a new subscription of her original specialty coffee, cappuccino, and hot chocolate delivered to your door for your Keurig.

PERK BOX is a unique way to indulge your family and friends' taste buds created by Lara Gottlieb, who is an amazing flavor innovator who thrives on providing a wonderful alternative to everyday coffee.

So give someone the treat of exploring new flavors, and an escape from the ordinary, each month. Smart Sips Coffee creates small batches of captivating flavors with the use an old-style process of flavoring the highest quality beans and you can taste the difference.

PERK BOX delivers an exciting assortment of unique coffee, cappuccino, and hot chocolate flavors each month is a different hand-selected sampler pack containing Lara's celebrated and innovative flavors, which are compatible with all Keurig K-cup machines.

With a customized box and personalized message, you can choose between two options to fit your budget. The 3-month subscription is $55, and the 6-month subscription is $110.

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There are too many flavors to name here, but Lara has had everything from Chocolate Maple Bacon to Sriracha Honey Almond to White Chocolate Hazelnut Truffle.

(Lara and her son Jake, photo courtesy of Heather Mistretta)
(Lara and her son Jake, photo courtesy of Heather Mistretta)

Lara's got a great story about how she got started on this career path. After a corporate career in marketing and advertising, she wanted to start her own business because she was a new mom. The burden of the long commute to work left her wanting to leave the corporate world.

Smart Sips Coffee pods are brewed in Brick Township in small batches to ensure consistency. They use an old-style process of flavoring the highest quality beans, infusing tastes and smells that inspire Lara in her own life, like the warm smells of pumpkin spice and cinnamon, or the pop of flavor that has made Raspberry Rum Ball one of their most loved flavors. Others have included Red Velvet Cappuccino, Chocolate Cherry Cordial, Chocolate Covered Espresso Bean, Blueberry Cinnamon Crumble, Pecan Whiskey, Bananas Foster and Chocolate Peanut Butter!

All Smart Sips products are gluten free, trans fat free, parve and kosher. The coffees are also all sugar- and calorie-free, and the hot chocolates and cappuccinos are low-calorie (only 70 calories per cup.)

You can also get some of Lara's coffee on Amazon in single varieties or in sampler packs like “Flavor Lovers,”, “Chocolate Obsession”, and “Liquor Lovers.”

Although there is no actual coffee shop where you can go grab a cup, ordering the pods is easy and then you can try them one cup at a time!



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