Food Network TV personality Alton Brown was in Red Bank this week for a show at the Count Basie Theatre and spent some time in town checking out a few popular eateries!

Known for his (now former) show Good Eats where he showcased the more scientific side of cooking, and now as host of Cutthroat Kitchen, Brown tends to stand out among other Food Network celebs by integrating his quirky sense of humor with his presentations.

Before coming to the Jersey Shore, he asked fans on social media for recommendations on local restaurants to check out, and from the looks of things, he listened!

Alton stopped into Monmouth Meats, on Monmouth Street to grab a pork roll, egg, and cheese (naturally.)

He was also spotted on White Street at Rook Coffee, where he picked up a New Orleans-style brew. (Good call!)

He even gave a little pre-show backstage tour of the Basie!

Pretty cool!

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