We have another FREAKING shortage thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic...and I'm over it.

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The next shortage is..........Bubble Tea.

If you are not familiar, Bubble Tea is a, "tea-based drink filled with chewy tapioca pearls, also known as Boba."

It is quite delicious, I must say.

The issue is that there are major shipping issues overseas and a lot of the ingredients used to be the Boba balls and tapioca starch comes from Thailand.

Just to give you an idea....a shipment that usually takes a month to arrive is now taking four to five months. YOWZA.

Unfortunately, shops have already started to run out of Bubble Tea and if this trend continues, it could take MONTHS for Bubble Tea to return to the United States.

"Some boba shops are already out. Others will run out in the next few weeks. 99% of boba comes from overseas. It will be in flux for several months until we get our next series of tapioca starch shipments," said the owners of Boba Co.

I know....it hurts me too.

The Boba Co. owners also have one major request: to not take out your anger on the local shops that usually sell Bubble Tea because they have zero control over the situation.

FYI: Experts are predicting that coconut powder and taro (a starchy, sweet vegetable) will be the next shortage.

Not all places are out of Bubble Tea just yet so I would suggest calling businesses to see if they still have this drink in stock. If not, you will have to rely on regular tea for now.

Thank you to People.com for giving us all the information regarding this extremely sad announcement.

But let's take a look at some of the best places to get Bubble Tea at the Jersey Shore courtesy of Yelp.com so you will know where to hit up once this shortage passes!

The Best Bubble Tea Spots At The Jersey Shore According To  Yelp!

There is a bubble tea shortage...so here is where you should go once we have the ingredients once again!

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