When I saw these massive, moving beach creatures I immediately thought we need one at the Jersey Shore!  I promise, you have never seen such massive and impressive moving art in your life!  Theo Jansen is a Dutch artist that builds moving creatures out of PVC pipes that actually move on their own!  Seriously, they walk on the beach like some sort of living, breathing freaking awesome dinosaur.

He calls them Strandbeests. They are actually kinetic sculptures that appear to walk on the beach on their own and I'm obsessed with them!  This is a marriage between art and engineering because in the artists' mind they are the same thing.  His goal for the art is so creepy and cool...he wants his art/engineering to have intelligence so it can do things like change direction if it realizes it is walking into the ocean.

Imagine this gigantic plastic skeleton marching toward you as you are sunning yourself on the beaches of Long Branch, L.B.I., or Atlantic City!  They get their energy from the wind and walk like a living creature with joints because of its realistic construction. You have to see this for yourself!


We have plenty of beach landscape to let these creature rip right here in Jersey!  Would you want these on our beaches off season?

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