If you're planning on getting married in the Monmouth/Ocean area, here is info on the average price it'll cost you.

Our state ranks No. 2 on the list of Most Expensive Places to Marry In, according to The Knot.

We've moved up from #3, surpassing Long Island from the 2016 survey numbers, with only Manhattan overtaking our area as the absolute most expensive place to get married.

The average price, nationally, for a wedding is around $35,000...but in central NJ the average amount spent on a wedding is a whopping $62,074. If you're a NYC bride, the average is close to $77,000!

South Jersey came in at #15 on the list, with an average price of about $40,000 for a wedding.

How much did you spend on your wedding? If you had it to do all over again, how much do you think you would spend?


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