Swimsuit season has arrived. But so many of us have gained weight during the Covid-19 self-quarantining from being at home for so long that we are scrambling for fast fixes.

The Quarantine-15 is a sad reality for those who self-comforted with junk food while on their couches in front of Netflix as they binge-watched and, well, binge-ate to escape the horror of this pandemic.

Now we're supposed to get into shorts and bathing suits? Now THAT'S horrifying.

I have seen all over social media that people are calling their doctors in a panic to find a quick diet to melt the pounds as beaches and pools reopen. Because let's face it: Not as many women are as brave as men when it comes to exposing their post-quarantined bodies.

So you're not alone. There has been a spike in weight-related inquiries for medical instruction on how to lose weight as quarantine restrictions are lifted and we're all told we can head back outside into the sunshine for some social-distancing romps on the beach.

And that's also brought about a mad rush for requests of cosmetic plastic surgeons in regard to weight-related procedures like liposuction and tummy tucks, arm lifts, etc. I'm not even sure if those procedures are considered essential yet, but, if that industry is back up and running, how far are you willing to go to give your body a little 'help'?

With gyms still closed, an alarming number of people are worried they will never get their pre-quarantined bodies back, despite their efforts to exercise at home. And, in case you thought you were alone in this weigh-compromised crisis, CLICK HERE to see some survey results from those polled about their weight gain and the self-quarantined bad habits they they unwittingly developed.

So...should I ask? Are you in a bikini panic? Is there any hope for you getting out there in short shorts and feeling good about yourself this summer?

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