A few years back, before my son grew up, I took this photo at The Food Shack, and it's one of my favorites.

We used to live in Point Pleasant Beach, and when we first moved there, a wonderful man that we knew from Antrim Elementary School who helped my son Benj through several hurtles told us his wife owned an adorable little breakfast and lunch eatery near us.

We fell in love with The Food Shack so it is quite sad to see it have to close (due to the landlord needing the space back for something else.)

I hope they will be able to relocate, but, for now, thanks for the warm and fuzzy memories and you will be greatly missed. (By the way, the little boy who was ten years old in that photo is now 5'8" and so grown up...four years makes such a big difference!

If you want to get to The Food Shack before it closes, you have until Nov. 26th.

For the full story about the closure, CLICK HERE.

For my original story about The Food Shack, CLICK HERE.

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