I usually talk about the awesome thing about the Jersey shore, and there are a million. Let's be honest though. There's a lot of anger around the Garden State. You see it on the roadways, on line at the supermarket and at work. So what's the biggest reason for our bad moods?

I have a couple of theories. First of all, it's pretty crowded around here and we're constantly in the middle of some kind of congestion. Also, pardon my grammar, but it ain't cheap to live around here either. Financial pressure can get us in a bad mood pretty quickly.


Then there's traffic. I'd put this in the "crowded" category, but that wouldn't do it justice. New Jersey traffic deserves a category of it's own. You can find Jersey traffic...well...everywhere. It's pretty hard to say, "I shouldn't hit traffic" and actually believe it. There's always a fender bender, rubber necking, construction or volume lurking around any corner at any time of the day or night.

Maybe it's the reputaton. New Jersey is constantly the punchline in jokes.  It happens so often, we even catch ourselves doing it sometimes. And shows like Jersey Shore only add to the reputation. 

I happen to believe that the positives way outweigh the negatives, but no place is perfect, right? So what is it that annoys you the most?

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