Totally guilt and judgment-free, I informally asked friends, relatives, and listener moms -- with kids of ALL ages -- to be completely honest about what they REALLY want for Mother's Day.

Here are their fabulously awesome answers!

  • "A massage and facial."
  • "To sleep in, [have the] laundry done, house straightened up and all meals made [by someone else], then maybe some time at the park as a family."
  • "48 hours ALONE!"
  • "Sleep!"
  • "A maid!"
  • "My car cleaned out so that it doesn't look like a homeless person lives in there."
  • "The Mother's Day Gift Set from Pandora...[but] I'm the happiest when they're all home and we're a complete family!"
  • "Relaxation!"
  • "A day of beauty."
  • "A puppy."
  • "A clean house - that I don't have to clean, laundry done, dinner cooked, and champagne and strawberries while I lounge in the sun!!! (That's not too much to ask is it??)"
  • "To not have to tell my son to stop throwing food on the floor, and stop spitting, hitting, and kicking his big brother, and to not have my older son tell him to stop in that annoying, whining voice."
  • "8 solid hours of sleep."
  • "To not have to play Mom Taxi for a day. It's exhausting!"
  • "To have the day off!" seems like most moms just want a little time to themselves "off-duty." Sounds reasonable enough!

Don't forget to check out our Mother's Day Gift Guide for some ideas on how to help all the moms in your life do just that and more-- plus enter to win the grand prize -- gift cards to all the participating businesses!

Happy Mother's Day to all the incredible moms of the world -- you rock!

What do YOU really want for Mother's Day?