What was the worst year of your marriage? You might be surprised at the results.

What used to be referred to as the "seven year itch" is now more like ten years, according to a survey.

Researchers say true married misery takes at least a decade!

Thousands were studied, with the discovery that couples (or either the husband or the wife) were most unhappy with the marriage after ten years of wedded bliss.

But if you can stick it out past that point, the experts say things can start looking up by the 15-year mark when the kids are further along and more independent.

In fact, couple arguments tend to be close to nonexistent once the kids leave home!

Lou did his own survey on our morning show, and we had listeners call in as well. We actually found quite a few married couples that have made it over the 7, 10, and 15 year marks.

Many of them said the first year of marriage was the toughest, and others agreed that having more than one little child/baby at home is the toughest point in a marriage --when the parents are exhausted and don't have time for each other (or even themselves) and finances are tight.

At what point was your marriage the toughest? Did you make it past that point?

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