There are reports that an arrest has been made in regards to Monday's horrific bombings at the Boston Marathon.

Granted, any suspect is innocent until proven otherwise, but if that person does turn out to be responsible, what should the punishment be?

Many will say the death penalty...though in my mind, that will take too long -- death row inmates usually spend more than 10 years in prison before they are executed -- and while Massachusetts doesn't have a death penalty, but suspect is expected in federal court.

Some may think life in prison without parole is more appropriate.

I am far less kind.

This kind of scum deserves cruel and unusual punishment.

Let the piece of garbage that killed an innocent 8-year-old boy have his own limbs blown off...and make sure he doesn't bleed to death, then let him, her, and/or them live many long years without painkillers.

Let the person guilty of striking fear into the hearts of true Americans be tortured and abused by fellow inmates, and let the guards not stop it for a second.

Eye for an eye, my friends.

Too harsh, you think? Maybe.

In my mind, you treat others as you want to be treated. Only seems fair.

Though maybe we should let the families and loved ones of the three who died decide.

What do you think the punishment should be for the person or people responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings? Tell us in the comment section below.