We wake up this morning to hear that a fertilizer plant in Texas exploded and leveled the surrounding area, and there are reports of hundreds of injuries and several deaths, It is too early to know all the details , but it's yet another story of catastrophe.

This story of course comes just days after the senseless loss of life at the Boston Marathon, and it seems like hours since the information surfaced about the ricin story. There are times when the headlines are just too much to take, and I feel like this is one of those times.

Not to mention, several stories we have heard about locally lately have been heartbreaking as well. Plus we still deal with Sandy aftermath on a daily basis and sometimes it's a lot to take.

These are all harsh reminders of how not a minute in any day can be taken for granted. These are the kind of headlines that turn cliches like "don't go to bed angry" or "never take anything for granted" into sound, solid advice.

There is no stronger people than the people of the Garden State, and I know we'll extend a helping hand to the people of West Texas, just as we did for Boston, and just as we did for each other after Sandy.

I know we will come out of all of this stronger, but nobody said it was going to be easy.