It still stands, rickety as it may look, in Mantoloking in a spot where everything else came crashing down.

I pass this house almost every day. It is a constant reminder of what Superstorm Sandy did.

It stayed standing...but looks like a skeleton amidst what used to be the grandeur of the homes that got swept out to sea or tossed upside down as if they were play toys during that awful hurricane. The sand surrounding this house is still empty as beachfront property there takes on a new meaning since that tragic day and people figure out how, or even if, they can rebuild now that half of the beach property has been taken up with giant dunes to try and provide a teeny bit of safety against a mighty ocean.

What is the story with this place? Was it destroyed by Sandy except for the shell? Or is someone still able to live in it? Although everything else around it came crashing does go to show how strong those pilings can be for this place to still be standing.

Maybe it's just waiting to be demolished? Or is it going to remain there; a stark reminder of that fateful storm and what Mantoloking used to look like?

Word on the street is that this home was once a retreat from the public eye for Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy and is currently owned by a rehabilitation/construction firm. There are reports that part of the home has been torn down and crews have been seen on sight...but we will have to do more research to see what is in store for this somewhat historic landmark and piece of Hollywood! If you know...tell us!