You already have decided that you are going to win the lottery. Congratulations on your confidence. But do you have a plan for when you win?

If you responded with 'buy a house, quit my job and move to a tropical island', the experts say that is exactly what you shouldn't do. And if the first person you'd call when you found out the good news is your spouse, that may be the wrong decision, too. What?

Yep, according to an article at, experts say the first call you should make is to your lawyer. You should also avoid telling the whole world about your good fortune right away. Keep the news off social media as long as possible and only tell the most trusted friends and family members.

The bottom line advice the experts give is to never trust anyone else over your own judgement when it comes to post lottery winning decisions.

First things first though. Let's win the thing first, right? But if you win the upcoming Powerball jackpot or any other big jackpot anytime in your life, this is good advice to keep in mind.

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