We've all dreamed about the moment we realized we won the lottery, and we have probably also daydreamed about how we would tell the ones we love that we won.

We know a recent "Win For Life"  winner in Brick sent a text to his wife, so we asked you which way you would break the incredibly great news to your partner, and of course, the methods varied a great deal.

Nearly half (46%) of the Jersey Shore residents who responded to the survey say they would break the news in person, making it the clear winner in this Jersey Shore Poll. There were others who had different ideas, however.

The second most popular selection was "Do I have to tell him?",  which got 23% of the vote. I had to chuckle as I watched those votes come in, since I know those were cast with a wink and a smile...or were they?

Tied for third in the poll, with just over 15% each were "buy an expensive gift" and "call". For me, I think my answer would have to be "in person", but I would really be torn between that and "buy an expensive gift". After all, if I won big in the lottery, that's the way I would like to think I'd roll!

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