We all have daydreams about what we would do if we won the lottery and were all of a sudden millionaires, but the first thing you should do is probably not the things that cross your mind in that daydream.

Maybe you have fantasized about marching right into the boss' office and, with words that rarely escape your mind to reach your mouth, let the boss know that, and we're cleaning it up a lot here, he or she no longer has the use of your services, effective immediately. But that isn't the first thing you should do.

Or you might imagine driving right up the driveway of that dream house you drive by every day, you know, the one with the "For Sale" sign on it that's been teasing you for months, and plop down the full price in cash. As you might imagine, that's not what the experts say you should do first, either.

You might want to jump up and down, and tell everyone you love the great news, and while this sounds like a very logical thing to do, it's also not the what the experts say to do first, according to Patch...

Here's what experts say you should do...

(1) Sign the back of the ticket and put it somewhere safe.

(2) Contact a lawyer

(3) Contact a financial advisor.

(4) Claim your prize from lottery officials.

And remember, due to a recent change in the rules, you do not have to divulge your good fortunes to the world. In New Jersey, you are allowed to stay anonymous now. Of course, all of this information is completely unnecessary until you actually win. But if you do, you can now rest easy knowing you are ready.

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