The remnants of Zeta are traveling through the Garden State today, and it will have some impact on us. Here is what you need to know.

In a very busy hurricane season, we have been impacted by several storms here in the Garden State, and the latest that will be impacting us here at the Jersey Shore is Zeta (pronounced ZAy-tuh).

So what will the impacts of this storm be for us today? We asked our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, and here is what he said you need to be prepared for today...

Rain..There will be moderate to heavy rain all day long today and into the nighttime hours before the storm makes it's way out of the area. Just a washout day for the Jersey Shore. Dan says you can expect up to two inches of rain from Zeta.

Wind. It will be windy throughout the day today with the chance of some gusts reaching about 40mph, with the strongest of the winds occurring in the nighttime hours.

Storm Surge. There will be a storm surge of 1 to 2 feet from the storm.

Cool down. On the other side of this storm is going to be a cool down. The kind of cool down that might bring the first frost of the season to parts of the state by Saturday morning.

Halloween. So what does Dan think the weather will be like for the kids on Halloween? Sunny early, with a high of 60, and some clouds and rain in the evening. So get out there early!

Of course 2020 brings us a busy hurricane season, but we all know, based on our very own experiences, it could be a lot worse. Be careful today, and we'll keep you updated!

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