The Academy Awards show for 2013 is over. So which moment stands out in your mind as most memorable?

The show, which lasted longer than 40% of Hollywood marriages, did have it's share of memorable moment, and it all started with the opening. Captain Kirk from Star Trek (William Shatner) came back in time to stop Seth McFarlane from ruining the show.

And of course through the night there were really good moments, including the wins for Daniel Day Lewis, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence, and some terrific musical performances from the musical medley that ended with Les Miserables, to the performances of Jennifer Hudson, Adele and Barbra Stresiand

And speaking of Jennifer Lawrence, we should mention the fall. Listen, my heart broke a little for her when she stumbled up the steps to accept her Best Actress Oscar, but she handled it very well. She acknowledged it and moved on to a very well done acceptance speech. We still have to put it on the list, though since it was a memorable moment no matter how you look at it.