Tropical Storm Isaias will be impacting the Jersey Shore tomorrow and it's a serious storm that we should all be prepared for.

The storm will be impacting us through the day tomorrow according to our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, and here are some of the key things you need to know about this storm and it's impacts on the Jersey Shore.

Biggest Impact. Most likely, the biggest impact that the storm will have on the Jersey Shore will be some very strong wind gusts. It's possible that we will experience gusts of 50 to 70mph during the peak of this storm.

Timing. Isaias will have the majority of it's impact in our area from the late morning hours through the evening hours. By tomorrow night, the storm will exit and we'll have improving conditions .

Rain Amounts. The Jersey Shore may dodge some of the higher rain totals, and we are expecting ab out one inch of rain in our area during the storm.

Warnings, Watches and Advisories. There has already been a Tropical Storm Watch, a Flash Flood Watch and a High Surf Advisory issued related to Isaias.

Dan Zarrow will be keeping his eyes on every detail of this storm, and if anything changes about the way this storm will impact the Jersey Shore, we'll have it for you. Make sure you have the free 94.3 The Point App handy, and you'll have up to the minute information about this potent storm.

Today is the day to handle any preparation necessary for this storm. Please be careful and stay safe. And get updates with Dan Zarrow's weather posts.

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