Monmouth and Ocean Counties got pounded with downpours and gusty winds yesterday and last night. The rain seems to be gone, but the strong winds continue.

So, how long are we dealing with these strong gusty winds at the Jersey Shore? It looks like the worst of it ends this evening, but there will still be gusty winds for about another 12 hours.

High Wind's in effect in both Monmouth and Ocean Counties until 6:00pm tonight.

Wind speeds...during that time frame we could see sustained winds between 20 and 30 mph and gusts could occasionally get up to 50 mph.

Lingering winds... Even though the High Wind Warning ends at 6:00pm, we could still see gusts at about 30mph tonight.

The good news is after the winds calm down, our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow expects pretty gorgeous weather tomorrow (sunny, high 60) and Saturday (sunny, high 62) before some clouds and a chance of rain on Sunday.

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