It could be a slick morning on some roadways in Monmouth and Ocean Counties this morning, and here's what you need to  know.

Our Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says there's a Winter Weather Advisory in effect for parts of our area and somewintry mix could make the roads slick before the changeover to all rain.

Here's what you need to know...

Timing...We could see a wintry mix throughout the area before it changes over to all rain by around 10:00am this morning.

Winter Weather Advisory...It's in effect for inland Monmouth County until 10:00am this morning.

Heavy rain. There's a chance of heavy rain at times between this afternoon and this evening.

A Burst of Snow. There is a chance of a burst of snow tonight around midnight before skies clear.

So be careful as you travel around the area early today, especially if you're inland, and stay up to date with Dan Zarrow's latest weather blog.

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