Most of us yearn for a day off, any day off . But if we were given the choice of taking a long weekend in the summer, which one would benefit us the most. Let's break it down.

Friday is a great day to have off. You start the weekend early. You get a head start on the shore traffic, and you've already had four workdays that week. Taking a Friday off is like getting out of work early, or even better, an early dismissal when you were a kid on a snow day. There are some Friday negatives though. I think the biggest one is that lately, you really don't get much of a jump on the traffic, since shore traffic has been starting as early as Thursday.

So, how about Mondays. After the weekend flies by, it's nice to know that while the rest of the world is heading back to work, you're..well....not. That day completely belongs to you. No shore traffic to deal with and less crowds. The negative thing about Monday is if you're off, you're probably the only one. Way less parties on Monday than on Friday.

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