We are all loving these warm temperatures, but in the back of many of our minds, we worry that March, or even April may have a wintry surprise for us.

That leads us to the obvious question. When was the latest snowfall in our area. I asked our meteorologist Dan Zarrow that question and he researched it for us. Here's what he was able to find.

The information was gathered from weather stations in  Freehold-Marlboro and Sandy Hook, as well as Long Branch-Oakhurst. The research shows we should not only be concerned about March snow, but it certainly can happen in early April as well.

According to the info Dan uncovered, the biggest April snow in our area was 9.2 inches on April 3, 1915, followed by 6.6 inches on April 9, 1917. The latest snow we could find was the  2.0 inches we got 19 years ago on April 10, 1996.

So while the February bitter cold should be behind us, we're not exactly out of the woods yet.