I am about to cry. The best lip balm on planet Earth is going away.

There is nothing worse in life than when the one product you swear by is discontinued.

For me, it is the Dr. Hess ORIGINAL lip balm called Udder stick (in mint.)

I have tried every single other chapped lip remedy out there and NOTHING has ever worked as well as this.

It was originally invented for dry and chapped cow udders, lol. But it is the most incredible lip balm ever.

And now the company says they are phasing it out in lieu of another lip balm that they have introduced: Dr. Hess All Natural Lip Balm (with a black label.) I tried that one and it isn't nearly as good!!!

We did get a call from a listener who said to try Bag Balm. (And yes, I thought I had tried everything, but I guess I missed one.) Have you tried this?

I may have to try starting a campaign to bring back the Udder Stick!

Has there ever been a product discontinued that you hate having to live without?

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