It is here! Autumn 2012 has arrived, and we want to jump into it with the same enthusiasm we have for a Jesey shore summer! So what do you do to enjoy a shore fall weekend?

The first thing I think of is the beach. I know it's not summer, but we have some of the most beautifull beaches in the world, and they're even more beautiful when they're not packed and it's not 97 degreees.

Of course this is the time of year for craft fairs and pumpkin picking, and nobody does it better than the Garden State. 

And how about your own house. If you love hanging around in your backyard, this was kind of a tough summer. it was so hot so often, it was difficult to really enjoy your own little paradise. This might be a great weekend to make up for lost time in your own yard!  

Whatever you do this weekend, have a great time!!

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