Ahhhhh the art of bagging groceries. Here are some thoughts on the subject.

When I go to Shop Rite or Foodtown, I usually end up bagging my own groceries, mainly because I can do it quicker, more efficiently, and the way I WANT the groceries bagged.

In these two stores, the cashier may...or may not...get to the groceries as quickly as I do, and I prefer it that way. I line the stuff up on the belt the way I want it bagged, so when some cashier (or, God forbid, high school students raising money) messes that up to bag it their way, it doesn't make me happy.

Then there are stores like Stop & Shop, where, at some locations, you can scan your own items and pack as you go, which is super convenient -- that is, if you want to do that much work with the whole scanning thing.

Acme in Wall, where I shop, doesn't give you a chance to do your own bagging at all! I'm sure they think they are being helpful (or maybe there is another reason for it) but I find this causes the lines to move slower AND I don't want some teen putting heavy cucumbers on top of a lighter loaf of bread, and trying to fit too many items into one flimsy plastic bag that will break five minutes later.

So now I find myself 'coaching' the young cashiers (can you say control freak?!) on the fine are of bagging! I want the cold items with the cold items, the produce together, etc. And the frozen items should always go with the dairy items to keep each other colder!

What are your thoughts on bagging?

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