Did you ever wonder which state New Jersey residents hate the most? The answer might not surprise you.

There is a map that has gone viral that shows us each state and the state they hate the most. So which one tops New Jersey's list? If you said New York, you'd be right. But wait a minute. If you said California you'd be right, too. Wait, what?

Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas, Idaho and Washington are all correct as well. How can that be? Well, it turns out the correct answer for the Garden State, according to nj.com and this map put together by Los Angeles writer Matt Shirley , is every other state in the nation. We apparently hate them all.

For the record, while we're hating every other state in the nation, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York and Connecticut specifically hate the Garden State the most.

Normally, I'm not the biggest fan of Jersey jokes. I think they're usually predictable and generally lack any creativity and are a cheap and easy punchline. But sometimes we do have to admit certain things. We are kind of cranky.

Now, I do believe hate is a pretty strong word, and we probably don't "hate" any other state. But I think (and hope) the map is probably a tongue in cheek look at each state's general attitude, and one thing is for sure. We do have some attitude here in New Jersey.

Do we have more attitude than any other state. I'd have to think we're up there somewhere at the top, and deep down, we're all kind of proud of it. We are who we are.

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