If you love White Castle and have to travel too far to get your fix, then stay tuned for the new Brick location!

It seems like forever ago that I heard rumblings of a White Castle coming to Brick.....but apparently it's still on the agenda.

Looks like the hold up could be final approvals and permits.

The location? Chambers Bridge Road near Harbor Freight and Outback.

The preliminary site plan would be good for three years, plus a couple of extensions, so you could be waiting a while longer for a burger...

In fact, the original application to build the White Castle dates back to 2013, when they were awaiting a cleanup from a former gas station that was on that site.

The actual physical construction of the building, once all systems are go, could take as little as 4 months!

Are you a White Castle fan?

For some of the details about this potential project, CLICK HERE.




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