The kids of New Jersey all know of the tradition.

Mischief Night: the night before Halloween where kids go out and pull pranks, usually involving toilet paper, eggs, and silly string.

**Those were the days....I'm just saying**

But as it turns out, Jersey kids may be one of the only ones to know of this tradition because it is not the biggest trend everywhere else in the USA.

There are a few other names out there for this night including "Devil's Night" or "Cabbage Night." (I don't get the correlation, is a cabbage mischievous?)

But otherwise, a good portion of the country does not even have a word for this night! Man, are they missing out.

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There are a few historical theories that are possible explanations but I am going to say that the reason we are the only region to celebrate this holiday is because we are the most exciting and adventurous. BOOM!

Check out the original breakdown of Mischief Night here.

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