The Grammy Awards are this weekend (Sunday, January 26, 8:00pm  on CBS). So, which New Jersey artist tops the Garden State Grammy list?

Here are some clues...

This artist's first Grammy was in 1984.

1994 marked this artist's first Grammy stage appearance.

This artist picked up 4 Grammy Awards in 1994.

This artist has won 20 Grammy awards and has been nominated 50 times.

You have to know it by now, right? How about if we tell you who it's not?

It's not...

Whitney Houston. She won 6 Grammy awards and was nominated 25 times.

Bon Jovi. Their only Grammy was in 2006 (Country Collaboration w/ vocals, Who Says You Can't Go Home).

So, by now it's pretty obvious. The New Jersey king of the Grammy Awards is Bruce Springsteen. The Boss got a Grammy nod in 1980 and has gotten nominations in 4 straight decades.

NJ Hall of Fame Bruce Springsteen Little Steven Van Zandt
Springsteen inducts Little Steven into NJ Hall of Fame (courtesy Gary Gellman of Gellman Images)
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