Around the holidays it can start to feel like you are accepting an Oscar.  You start mentally rattling off the people you have to thank for “making it all possible”.  So who do we tip and how much? 

Some people don’t believe in tipping someone for just doing their job while others hand out 20s like tic tacs.  I dug in to find out what is socially acceptable for holiday tipping so you don’t look like a Scrooge.

Who To Tip 

Always tip your server extra over the holidays (an additional $20 on top of the regular tip is great)

For janitors of any kind, the going rate is $100

Landscaper $50

Daycare staff $20 per teacher

Mail Man or Mail Woman $50

Handyman $40

Trash Collector $20 per collector

Dry cleaner Christmas cookies

Mechanic $20

Assistant $100

Teacher $25 gift card

Home health care $100

Babysitter $50

Housekeeper whatever you pay for one cleaning should be added 

Dog Walker  $100

Personal Trainer $40

Hairstylist, You only have to tip after service but if you do want to take an extra drive to your salon to drop off a little extra something $20 should do it.

Amazon delivery staff work their tails off too so I like to leave them a surprise or two during the holidays.  We put out snacks and drinks for them and there may or may not be $5 bills tapped to the bottom of the candy bars ;-)

Tipping ranges across the country, apparently we are big tippers here in the northeast.  The south dips 1/4 of the above amounts.  Just something to keep in mind if you travel.

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