Tomorrow is October 1st...can you believe it?

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Where has this year gone?

And what day in October is everyone looking forward to most? HALLOWEEN!

Even now as a 29-year-old woman, I still get extremely excited for his holiday.

As a kid, you dress up, go to parties and get free candy.

And as an adult, you dress up, go to parties and drink alcohol with some candy on the side.

Potato, potato.

But one thing I do miss is trick-or-treating. I can't do it would just be creepy.

But there are a few rules my parents drilled into my head as a kid that I had to follow as a trick-or-treater that I want to pass on to you and your loved ones.

Some seem obvious....some are maybe not so obvious.

So take a look and if you have a person pet peeve that you want to put a stop to, email me your rule at and I can add it to the list! we go....


Just for those rules:

Halloween Etiquette For Jersey Shore Trick Or Treaters

Follow these rules you ghouls, ghosts and goblins.

Did I miss any big ones that you are hoping trick or treaters follow? Email me:

Now what candy are you on the hunt for this upcoming Halloween?

All of them? Me too!

It's a bit early but Happy Halloween!

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