With totals reaching 18" in parts of Ocean County and gusts that were several feet high in Monmouth County, and now below-freezing temperatures, what are we all still doing here in NJ?

Does summer at the shore really make up for horrific winter weather like we've been having?

For those of us who had to travel in a blizzard because work was a necessity and not an option, yesterday was possibly the worst driving day...ever.

A big thank-you to those kind strangers who stopped to check on me two times when I had to pull over because I couldn't see from the white-out conditions and my windshield wipers were freezing up.

Then there were three guys named Joe:

A huge thank-you to my friend Joe who knew I was emotionally melting down after my third time getting stuck trying to drive in the blizzard and drove over to meet me and follow me the rest of the way home when I couldn't make it any further on my own. Another thank you to the Joe who lives closer to the radio station and offered to make me hot coffee and give me a place to stay if I couldn't make it home.

And then there's my friend Joe in Florida who, having lived in NJ and been through his share of bad weather, was  concerned about me and called so that I could hear a friendly voice during the blizzard.

Cathy and Rob in Florida also reminded me their door is always open if I want to fly down.

All of that Florida sympathy only makes me wonder why the heck I am still putting up with these freezing cold winters. After this storm, which almost broke me, I get why so many people are leaving NJ.

After all, NJ has been named one of the states most moved from, for the sixth year in a row!

How many friends and relatives do you have living in Florida? Have you thought about leaving NJ?

PS...A giant hug to my close girlfriends that checked in with me throughout the day, starting in the early morning, until they knew I got to work and home safely...I am blessed to have you in my life.

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