I was sitting there minding my own business as usual. Liz is on her side of the table and she has clearly just gotten a text. She reads it, looks up at me and says the words that have made her, at least in my mind, the worst secret keeper on the planet.

"Is it alright if your friends throw you a surprise party for your birthday at the station?" she says.  Now I'm not a genius and I weren't an English major in college (get it, that was bad grammar), but I know enough to know the concept of a surprise. I think if it's a surprise party for me, then I'm not supposed to know, right?

If I don't know, I will be surprised when it happens, and if I do know I won't. At least that is how I understood surprise parties until I met Liz.

By the way Liz, the answer is yes they can have a surprise party for me. Just make sure nobody tells me. You wouldn't want to ruin it, now would you?

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