Perhaps the locals know...but I sure don't.

I do a double-take every time I pass by this I just thought I'd ask if anyone knows the story of why there is what looks like an orange bull in the front yard, lol!

Maybe whoever lives there once fulfilled their bucket list challenge of racing with the bulls in Spain? Maybe this is some kind of historic statue that dates back hundreds of years and someone built a home around it? Or maybe it's just someone's idea of a conversation piece? It's fun to speculate...and odd to see when driving by.

(Photo by Liz Jeressi)
(Photo by Liz Jeressi)

Maybe it's not a private home at all, but a museum about bulls? I could go on guessing all day!

They even have an orange vehicle in the driveway to 'match' the bull!

One thing's for sure, it's not a statue that you're likely to miss when driving down this Middletown street :)

One radio listener says this: "The original home owner gave it to his wife as a gift. A few years ago some punks cut it's leg off...the town was so upset & the right ppl gave him a face lift & put it back."

So I guess from what this listener says, the original owner's wife loved bulls...and the newest homeowners decided to keep this landmark. I am thinking there is even more to this story!


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