When somebody takes your picture, they're supposed to say "Say cheese" or "1,2,3" or something like that, right. Something to get you ready to have your picture taken. I don't know if that's happening when our drivers license photo is being taken. 

I have seen many people's drivers license photos, and I know my own. They're not exactly glamour shots. I know they're not supposed to be, but wouldn't it be nice to not have to hide it in the back of your wallet or at the bottom of your pocketbook for fear someone might see it.

I would love it if they let you bring your own with you but I know that's impossible. A lesson we all learned with online dating services. If we got to choose our own photo, we'd all be 22, a size or two smaller, and we would all love quiet walks on the beach. There's a place for that on the license, right?

Check out howtodothings.com for some tips on taking a good drivers license photo!

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