We go through a lot of coffee in our house.  ALOT of coffee.  I wake up at 2:30 am every day and my husband wakes up at 3 am most days.  I know we are not alone, we all work more than we should on top of crazy hours so coffee is really the lifeblood of America. 

Photo by Athena Lam on Unsplash
Photo by Athena Lam on Unsplash

There is some really good uses for your old coffee grounds.  I mean it, scrape them back out of the garbage, your coffee grounds are like gold around the house, especially in the winter.


I think by now we all know that coffee grounds are great for composting and gardening in the warm months but in the winter they come in clutch too.  


Did you know that coffee grounds are great for giving traction on icy ground?  That’s not all…

Photo by Jennifer Lim-Tamkican on Unsplash
Photo by Jennifer Lim-Tamkican on Unsplash

Home expert Bob Vila says,


Coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which works to lower the melting point of ice.  Additionally, the dark color of coffee grounds better absorbs sunlight than white snow or clear ice, slightly helping to increase the melting speed.


Here are some other amazing uses for those used (and free) coffee grounds other than saving you from the ice dance of death.


Fertilize Gardens

It is a miracle, the nitrogen makes roses literally show off

Don't Bug Me

It keeps bugs at bay so sprinkle them around your deck or where ever you spend lots of outdoor time in the summer

Scrub Daddy No More

Don’t spend money on brillo pads or other abrasives, just pour those grounds into the pan and scrub them clean

Pest Control

It can keep fleas off your pets if you give them a scrub down with the grinds after a bath before rinsing

Face Time

Caffeine is great for your face.  Lots of high-end facial creams use it as a key ingredient.  You can use your grinds as an exfoliating and invigorating facial scrub when you add them to your cleanser

You Stink

Put them in a satchel bag and leave the bag by a litter box or other stinky area to eliminate strong smells

Pretty cool huh?  I love finding new ways to use things especially when a budget is an issue.  Drink up!

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