Winter 2020 is far from over, and anything can still happen, but if things stay the same as they've been, are we on pace for the least snowy New Jersey winter ever?

It definitely has been a dry winter, with our average snowfall for the entire season statewide at 4.7 inches, according to, and if that pace continues, this winter would rank  the 3rd lowest New Jersey winter for snow on record.

According to state meteorologist Dave Robinson, the winter of '72-'73 was the lowest snow winter ever in the Garden State, with an average of only 4 inches statewide for the whole winter.

In 1918-1919 the average was 4.3. in '01-'02 we averaged only 5.9 inches for the winter and in '97-'98 the average was 6.4. So our current pace does put us among the lowest snow winters ever.

If you need a reminder of when we had accumulating snow in Monmouth and Ocean Counties, there were reports of it during the periods of 12/1-12/3, 12/10-12/11, and 1/8, according to the Office of the New Jersey State Climatologist.

But let's all remember, there is still plenty of winter left, and we all know how quickly it can all change here in the Garden State. Stay up to date with all the latest New Jersey weather info with our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow.

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